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Do you wanna publish your post on GardenApprentice! I’m looking for passionate gardeners to help beginners to grow their gardens. I want to feature your gardening experience and knowledge By working together.


Topics We Want to Talk About

  • Tips and techniques to grow vegetables
  • How-Tos
  • Guides

Keep in mind that:

We need relevant topics that go with the theme of GardenApprentice. We offer our readers solutions to their problems and answers to their questions about gardening.

Also, tell us why you are qualified to write for this website. Do you have a degree in agriculture? Do you have experience in home gardening?

Make sure you bring brand new insights about your post’s topic. Yea, you can write about topics we already cover but include your unique takeaways.

Remember, we want writers with hands-on experience in gardening.


Our goal with each post we publish is to help our readers with educational, engaging content that includes actionable tips.

Word count should be 1000+ words: Include everything you want to say in your post. Talk in great details as long as it benefits our readers. Again, make sure your article has actionable steps to help the reader to apple your advice.

Make your piece easy to read: Break your article with headings, subheading, and bullets to make it easier to skim. Also, includes some visuals when needed to break the wall of text.

Write easy to read English: Make sure your tone is friendly and show off your personality.

Your piece must be original: Duplicat content is refused on the spot. Also, once you published your content here, you can’t put it anywhere else but of course you can link to it.

Confirm your words with resources: Readers need to trust you first. Make sure to include resources that cites your facts from authoritative websites like .edu sites for example.

Tell your story: People love to hear stories from experts. Include your own story and experience. For example, how you grow your first Tomatos or your secret potting mix recipe.

What to Include in Your Guest Post

  • Your photo
  • Your bio and link to your Linkedin profile
  • One link to relevant content on your website
  • One image to include as a feature image with credit link

Important note: We have the right to edit your article as we see fit. These edits include SEO optimaiztion, fact checking and more.




To publish your post on GardenApprentice we can talk and agree on a topic and then you start writing, or send me your guest post and I’ll review it. And if it’s accepted I’ll mail you the publish date.
After I publish your post, feel free to share it on social media or/and link to it on your website.
Head over to our contact page and fill the contact form or contact me through email.