Here Comes Some Sun: Vegetables That Grow in Shade, Partial Sun, and Full Sun

Gardening is more popular than ever.

In fact, one in every three US households grows their own vegetables to put on the dinner table! With good reason, too- fresh, home-grown food has a taste that veggies from the grocery store, chock full of preservatives, can’t match.

If you’re planting your garden this year, you’re probably wondering what vegetables will grow in varying degrees of sunlight. After all, sunlight is incredibly important for plant growth!

All plants use photosynthesis to change sunlight into the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. While all plants need different levels of sunlight, they all share a common denominator: storing energy from this light in their leaves.

To be sure that your plants get the nutrients they need, we’re going to tell you the tastiest vegetables that grow in all these different areas of sunlight so you can garden in the most effective possible way.

Vegetables That Grow in Full Sunlight

One of the most common veggies that gardeners like to grow in full sunlight is actually a fruit. You guessed it! Tomatoes grow well in full sunlight, needing 8 hours a day in the direct sun.

Other common veggies that you’ll want to give a lot of sunlight to thrive are peas, peppers, and cucumbers. They grow above the ground, so of course, it makes sense that a lot of sunlight would give them the right conditions to ripen in!

Remember to water your plants regularly, too! Doing this, along with giving them a little break from the sun when it’s too hot, will make sure that you give them the opportunity to flourish in their environment.

Vegetables That Grow in Partial Sunlight

There are a lot of great veggies that only need partial sunlight, too. Leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and cabbage only need 4 hours of sunlight a day, so they’ll thrive in these conditions. These are great vegetables for your garden because you can make fresh salads as a main course or a side dish with any meal.

Microgreens are young green leafy vegetables that only need seed starting mixes to grow. They’re inexpensive, produce a lot of food, and need partial sunlight to grow! Consider getting some microgreens for your garden and including them in your favorite salad.

Vegetables That Grow in Shade

In the more shady spots of your garden, root vegetables are a great way to go. They’re healthy, delicious, and can be put in a lot of different dishes or be enjoyed raw. Plus, there are a lot of options when it comes to root veggies, so this is a great way to maximize your space!

Get Growing!

As you know, growing a vegetable garden is a rewarding experience. Once you figure out vegetables that grow in shade versus ones that grow in sunlight, you’ll know how to make the most of your garden space.

Now that you know where to grow each of your veggies to make the perfect garden, check out this page for the best prices on gardening tools!

Have fun!


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