Guest Post Guidelines

Garden Apprentice is open for guest posting. If you are enthusiastic about gardening, be sure that there is a place for you here.

To make everything clear let me tell you what are my guest post guidelines:

  1. Your article has to be 500+ words
  2. It must be detailed and unique
  3. You must include an image with your article, and it must be properly attributed
  4. You can include one link in context of your article
  5. Include your bio

Things you need to know:

  1. Your article will be reviewed first
  2. If your article got published here, it can’t be published on any other website
  3. No affiliate links allowed

What type of content you can publish on

1 – Share “how to”

Personally, I love this type of posts. Make sure to provide in depth details and step by step process, to help our readers achieve the goal of your post.

2 – Share your expertise

This type of articles helps new gardeners the most. The main purpose here is to provide solutions, based on your experience to a common problem.

3 – Share your results

Every gardener out there wants to brag with his/her yield, right? If you applied a new method, and it showed you great results, you can share it with us here.

You send me you guest post request at