Garden Apprentice has the knowledge to help beginner gardeners to understand the aspects of gardening.

It will help you to determine what are your best options and how to make the most of them, without stretching your budget or daily routines.

In other word Garden Apprentice goal is making your gardening experience wonderful.

All the posts here wrote to serve this purpose.

Everything around here is in easy to apply, step by step sequence, to help you have a clear image about what you will need to do in different situations during gardening.

You can come here if you ever felt the need of inspiration. Get inspired by other gardeners and share with them your awesome ideas too.

I made Garden Apprentice to be the place where every type of gardeners meet. From new apprentices to experts, Food growers and flowers lovers.

For that I will be making lots of round ups with the help of my gardener friends, so also stay tuned for that.

Also Garden Apprentice provides garden supply reviews.

Find about a tool you want to buy or learn which is the best garden tools or product in the market.

The best part that I like so much is you can also share with us your experience and ideas.

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I’m Ahmed your friendly neighborhood garden apprentice (I love reading comics :D).

Born in Egypt, the birth place of farming and gardening. Thousands of years ago ancient Egyptians built their civilization depending on farming.

They knew the importance of it therefor, they considered anyone who defile the Great Nile River – which is the main source of water –  in anyway is against the law.

Farming in Ancient Egypt
Image credits : AncientEgyptianFacts.com

What I mean is that, gardening helps us to keep everything around us, and teaches us to improve ourselves and the world.

And that simply is why I’m here. 😀